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The BMW 1 Series is a series of compact luxury cars manufactured by the German automaker BMW since 2004. Successor to the BMW Compact, it has been produced in four different body styles.

Model codes[edit]

1st generation[edit]

  • BMW E87 (2004–2011): five-door hatchback
  • BMW E81 (2007–2011): three-door hatchback
  • BMW E82 (2007–2013): two-door coupe
  • BMW E88 (2007–2014): two-door convertible

2nd generation[edit]

  • BMW F20 (2011–2015): five-door hatchback
  • BMW F21 (2012–2015): three-door hatchback[1]

2nd Generation LCI (Facelift)[edit]

  • F20 LCI (2015–actual): five-door hatchback
  • F21 LCI (2015–actual): three-door hatchback

The first-generation BMW 1 Series is a small family car produced by the German automaker BMW since 2004, when it replaced the BMW 3 Series Compact range as the smallest and cheapest vehicle (depending on the engine model) in the BMW range. As of May 2013, the 3-door hatchback (model code E81) and 5-door hatchback (E87) have been superseded by the F20 and F21 models; the 2-door coupe (E82) and the two-door convertible (E88) have been superseded by the new BMW 2 Series.[2]

The BMW ActiveE is a demonstration electric car based on the BMW 1 Series small family cars. It is the second vehicle after the Mini E to be developed under BMW Group’s Project i. The electric drive system is the latest addition to BMW’s EfficientDynamics program.[3] The US Environmental Protection Agency official range is 151 kilometres (94 mi), with an energy consumption of 33 kW·h/100 miles, and the agency rated the ActiveE’s combined fuel economy at 2.3L/100 km (102 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent).[4]

Deliveries of the ActiveE for field testing in the U.S. began in January 2012, after the Mini E trial ended.[5] A total of 1,100 vehicles were produced participate in the program worldwide, with 700 allocated for the U.S. trial [6] and 35 for a trial in China.[7]

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