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The Fiat Adventure is a ‘ passenger car produced by automaker Italian Fiat by 2014 ; It is presented in world premiere at the Auto Expo 2014 in New Delhi and is destined for the Indian market . It is essentially the versionCrossover SUV of the Grande Punto 310 . The car anticipates a redesign of the Great marketed in India Point [1] [2] and within the same time in production during August 2014.

The first news of a ‘ crossover car based on the Grande Punto for the Indian market begin to spread in January 2014 when they glimpsed the forklifts carry out some tests in Italy . [3] A few months later the Fiat formalizes an urban SUV based on the point, his presentation takes place at the new Delhi Motor Show in February 2014 with a prototype [4] final, along with the new generation of the Fiat Linea and the 500 Abarth . [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] the presentation of the new model follows the expansion target in the Indian market [10] by Fiat (now FCA ) programmed in the three-year plan for a few months before; This maneuver resulted in the emerging market of reference where also the new generation of the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler . [11]

The production version of the model at its plant in Chennai , Pune is announced for August 2014 in conjunction with the renewal of the Grande Punto to the Indian market. The car is positioned as a competitor of city crossover, crossover style vehicles or those made from small cars (front wheel drive) as the Volkswagen Cross Polo and Toyota Etios Cross in India enjoy a good commercial success.

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