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The Chevrolet Tavera is a compact MPV that was produced in Indonesia by Japanese automaker Isuzu until 2007, and is produced in India by American automaker Chevrolet. The Tavera is sold in ASEAN and Indian markets, and it uses the platform of the Isuzu Panther, a diesel-powered multi-purpose vehicle sold in Indonesia. In other markets it is known as the Isuzu AUV, HiLander or Crosswind.

In India, this MUV’s main competition includes such vehicles like the Toyota Innova, Mahindra Bolero, Tata Sumo, and similar vehicles. Unlike some MUVs like the Fusion (which is based on the Ford Fiesta and also sold inEurope), this MUV is based on a pickup truck, in this case a modified Isuzu Vega.

Isuzu designed the original Tavera, based on the Panther. Chevrolet‘s version is based on facelift version of the Panther, which is more designed for businesses and more focused on passenger rather than commercial use.

In India, there are 2 versions of the Tavera, the original Tavera, the base model which includes the B1 and B2 trims, and the Tavera neo 2 (this version was called simply Tavera neo before the Indian Tavera facelift, and before that Tavera Elite), the normal version which includes the LS-B3, the LS-B4, the LT-L and the high-end SS-D1. In 2006, because of Chevrolet’s marketing of their Indian lineup as “an Indian revolution” (similar to their US marketing campaign), the Tavera is now sold as two models. The original Tavera is still being sold; however more upmarket models in India are now sold as the “Tavera Neo 2”. In September of the same year, the Indian Tavera got a facelift. The facelift included the front grille and revised interiors.

In Indonesia, Tavera served as a petrol version of Isuzu Panther, while the latter has only diesel engine. It has 2.2 Lgasoline, 114 PS (84 kW) & 180 N·m (133 lb·ft) Australian sourced Holden engine, which also used by Indonesian version of Opel / Chevrolet Blazer.

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