Tyre for INDICA EV2

Tyre Indica Ev2




tyre for indica ev2

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Electric versions of the Indica Vista by the name Indica Vista EV (Electric Vehicle) launched in India in 2011.[19] The electric vehicle based on the Indica Vista. Once charged, the car can travel up to 200 kilometres on its full electric motor. The car has started roll out in the last quarter of 2008[20] and in Spain in 2010.[21]

The car is powered by a 55 kW Permanent-magnet electric motor and a 26.5 kWh Lithium Polymer battery.[22]

The company has indicated that the electric Indica would be launched locally in India in about 2010, without disclosing the price. The vehicle would be launched in Norway in 2009[23] and also would go on sale in continental Europe and the UK.[24]

In 2009, the UK’s government (Business Secretary Lord Mandelson) has announced a £10 (€11.09) million loan to Tata to support the manufacturing of electric vehicles in the UK.[25]

Tata Motors’ UK subsidiary, Tata Motors European Technical Centre, has bought a 50.3% holding in electric vehicle technology firm Miljø Grenland/Innovasjon of Norway for US$1.93 M, which specialises in the development of innovative solutions for electric vehicles, and plans to launch the electric Indica hatchback in Europe in 2010.[26][27] Electrovaya is partnering with Tata Motors and Miljø Grenland/Innovasjon to manufacture batteries and electric cars using Electrovaya’s Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery technology.[28]

The Indica Vista EV has a 200 km (120 mi) range on a full charge[24] and a top speed of 105 kilometres per hour (65 mph).[25] With 0 to 60 km/h (37 mph) in less than 10 seconds. To achieve this, TM4 Electrodynamic systems (a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec) provided its efficient MOTIVE series electric motor.[29]

The Tata Indica Vista EVX was withdrawn from the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, in the third round of four.[30]

Tata Motors began production of 25 units for field testing purposes at its U.K. assembly plant in Coventry in April 2011. These models were allocated to the CABLED trial that began in the West Midlands in April 2011. The market launch in the UK was scheduled for mid 2011 but it was postponed in May 2012. The field testing will continue with Tata employees.[31][32] The Indica Vista EV was expected to be priced at GB£29,000 before theGB£5,000 Plug-in Car Grant. The Indica Vista EV range is 110 mi (180 km).[31][33] The price is under €30,000 in Spain.[34] Unfortunately this has not commercially launched.

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