Tires serve a vital capacity in our everyday life, and it is vital to keep yourself refreshed on the right Tyre Brands In India to go to while purchasing tires, for here quality is an unquestionable requirement.

One of the main features of any vehicle is the nature of its tires. The tires are habitually the choosing components in ride wellbeing and solace. The tires on whichever vehicle you are in assistance as a help component for the vehicle, adjusting any curves or floats while driving. Best tires additionally help with diminishing the distance expected for the vehicle to halt while slowing down by giving better footing out and about. 

A good pair of tires is a gigantic confirmation for a protected and pleasurable excursion. Moreover, this capacity as a specialist for productive fuel use and CO2 emanations decrease. Therefore, you should choose tires from top tire brands in India with great principles of training.

So we bring you a list of 11 best tyre brands in India that you should consider for your car/bike in 2022.

Best Tyre Brands In India

1. MRF Tires

MRF is the biggest tire producer in India. It has its base camp in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was laid out in 1946 and from that point forward, has provided our country with top notch radials like not many others have at any point made due. The organization represents considerable authority in traveler vehicle radials, yet additionally gives radials to bicycles, trucks, transports, farm haulers and off the street vehicles. The organization additionally makes other elastic items, for example, transport lines and toys.

Accessible for Cars and Bikes

Value: Rs.1,000 – Rs.35,000

2. Michelin

Michelin stands apart as one of the most evaluated names in the tire business, and it is the favored decision for drivers in our country also. The tire producer remains among the three biggest tire makers on the planet. Established in 1889, the organization has its base camp in France and now became one of the top Tyre Brands In India. It orders one of the most notable worldwide presences in the tire business, and is known for providing excellent radials that join everything highlights one could request from a tire.

Accessible for Cars and Bikes

Value: Rs.1,800- Rs.20,000

3. JK Tires

JK tires, one of the best Tyre Brands In India, was laid out in the year 1974. It is among the heads of spiral producers in our country. Additionally, it is the main organization offering the whole scope of 4-wheeler radials, for transports, trucks and vehicles. It has an overall presence, deserving admiration in the north of 80 nations. It has fabricating focuses at Mysore, Chennai, Kankroli and Banmore.

Accessible for Cars

Value: Rs. 2,000 – Rs.15,000

4. Bridgestone

Bridgestone is an overall known brand in the field of tire producing. It is a Japanese organization situated in Kurume, Japan. The organization was established in 1931 and today, has a best position among the eminent tire creators on the planet. It has 141 creation offices all over the planet, situated in 24 nations. Other than making radials, it likewise creates different items like auto parts, modern items and bikes.

Accessible for Cars

Value: Rs.1,900 – Rs. 30,000

5. Goodyear

Goodyear, an organization situated in the United States of America, was laid out in the year 1898 and became one of the most perceived and well known tire marks, and has a worldwide predominance. Adjacent to this, the tire producer is notable for providing radials to Formula One vehicles, perhaps the best tire organization in that specific field. It serves vehicles, light trucks, SUVs, business trucks and even planes.

Accessible for Cars

Value: Rs.2,200 – Rs.38,500

6. Falken Tyres

Falken Tires is an unmistakable outspread maker situated in Kobe, Japan and the organization was established in 1983, that is why, today it is one of the main tire brands in the globe. It has merchants based all around the United States, and uses proficient motorsports to additional upgrade and work on its items for overall appropriation.

Accessible for Cars

Value: Rs.2,250 – Rs.15,000

7. Metzeler

A German tire producer established in 1863, Metzeler today has a solid hold over the worldwide tire market, and orders predominance in pretty much every subcontinent. It spends significant time in cruiser tires, however supplies radials for a scope of vehicles too.

Accessible for Bikes

Value: Rs.7,430 – Rs.16,790

8. Continental

The German tire maker was established in 1871 and is situated in Hanover. Mainland AG has been the top German vehicle fabricating firm zeroing in on tires, vehicle security, and different parts for north of 14 decades. In 2001, the firm bought a greater part stake in Temic, Daimler Chrysler’s vehicle gadgets division. And in 2017, its incomes totalled ₹144 crores, and it utilizes more than 2,35,000 individuals across 60 nations. In India, their expenses are fairly more than Michelin and Bridgestone.

Accessible for Cars and Bikes

Value: Rs.1,800- Rs.20,000


An organization established in 1958, CEAT is one of India’s driving tire producers today, and has a solid worldwide strength too. It is situated in Mumbai, and has six assembling plants that makes it one of the top Tyre Brands In India that makes tires for vehicles, bicycles, trucks, SUVs, Auto-carts, transports, farm haulers and a large group of different vehicles. So, the organization conveys around 100 000 tires each day.

Accessible for Cars and Bikes

Value: Rs.1,100 – Rs.9,000

10. Apollo

Apollo is undeniably something beyond an acclaimed brand in our nation – it is the seventeenth biggest tire maker in the whole world. Situated in Gurgaon, Haryana. So, the organization makes radials for vehicles, bicycles and a large group of other business vehicles. Established in 1976 and now became one of the main tire providers both here, and in the European market too.

Accessible for Cars and Bikes

Value: Rs.1,100 – Rs.18,000

11. Ralco Tyres

Presently, in the wake of partaking in its situation as one of the best bike tire brand and a consistently expanding yearly development, Ralco has declared to enter the weighty business vehicle fragment too. What’s more, that is not all, Ralco is a unique tire provider to an assortment of EV brands also. Ralco may be more current yet it’s been around in the space for just about 20 years. It has nearly 5000 sellers and produces tires at its two plants in Ludhiana, Punjab. For the new weighty business vehicle project, the organization is setting up another office in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Accessible for Bikes

Value: Rs.1,000 – Rs.20,000

Best Tyres in India – Qualities

1. Noise and comfort

This component depicts how a tire safeguards drivers from street flaws and planned considering solace. Their plan ingests shock and gives an agreeable ride. The quantity of depressions and their positions, and the track state of the tire all impact how agreeable the ride is.

2. Strength

Best tires in India should endure whatever is constrained on them out and about. The ability to suffer street risks is alluded to as durability and heartiness.

3. Handling

Dealing depicts how your vehicle reacts to drivers’ activities, for example, speeding up, slowing down and turning which is basic for keeping your vehicle consistent, your driver in charge, and your travellers safe. Through this, tire assumes a significant part in taking care of. It sends the driver’s headings from the directing wheel to the ground. Elite execution sport tires increment dealing with execution.

4. Life span

This component decides how long your vehicle’s tire will endure. This is not set in stone by the tire’s mileage, plan, and quality but elite execution tires have a more limited track life than traveller vehicle tires since they are intended to further develop taking care of and grasp.

5. Efficiency of fuel

Tires affect the mileage of your vehicle. Made of materials and developed to bring down grating with the street. You should get eco-friendly tires to help you to set aside cash.

6. Traction

Your vehicle’s contact point is its tires. Accordingly, the hold is basic to your security. The grasp of your tire decides your capacity to slow down, remain predictable, and turn at more noteworthy rates. Specially customized to specific street and climate conditions.

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