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The Mahindra Bolero is a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle produced by Mahindra & Mahindra. Price:[2] The various fuel trims in Mahindra Bolero are priced differently. The Diesel trims are priced between Rs. 6,03,937/- to Rs. 7,78,046/-.

The basic design is based on the Mahindra Armada Grand. The first-generation Bolero was equipped with a Peugeot 2.5 L (150 in3) IDI engine which produced 75 bhp (56 kW).[citation needed] The second generation was released with slightly modified exteriors and the major change was the engine, a 2.5 L (150 in3) in-house engine from Mahindra. It is powered by a 72 bhp (54 kW) 2,523 cc (154.0 cu in) turbo-charged direct injection diesel engine. Bolero seats are high and the bonnet is low and gives a hawk eye visibility with almost zero blind spot. reversing is easy due to its narrow design and thin pillars. Ambassadors and 800 were the symbol of Indian cars and no wonder soon bolero will steal it. Bolero is meant for its ride quality over typical Indian roads. Its way of ride easily shames luxury cars. the sorted suspension system with reliable engine making bolero a success model. It has been long years in the market with top selling numbers and the reason is “bolero a road king”.


  • Default tyres are 235/75 R15 Goodyear Wrangler radials.
  • Mileage is 12.2 km/L (8.2 L/100 km; 29 mpg-US) fuel economy.

Mileage 14 km/L (7.1 L/100 km; 33 mpg-US) fuel economy on highway at around 80 to 100 km.

  • Drive: Manual with four-wheel drive option, power steering in SLX and DI variants.


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