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In May 2011, Hyundai launched the Verna in India with four engine options including 1.4-litre petrol and diesel engines as well as 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines. The second-generation (LC) continues to be sold in India as the Hyundai Accent with the latest RB version carrying the Verna brand. At the time of launch, the new Verna RB features safety and comfort options that were previously unavailable in the Indian market at this price point including the option of 6 airbags.[49] Hyundai refreshed the Indian lineup of Verna in 2014 without any engine changes.[50]

The 2014 line up changes include a new set of alloy wheels for the top end SX variant, projector headlamps, day time running LED lamps on the exterior. Most importantly, Hyundai has also worked upon the steering and the suspension. The steering being lighter had made high speed driving a difficult task and so did the soft suspensions. Dr. Nano introduced a new Composite Assistive C-Spring Suspension for Hyundai Fluidic Verna for high comfort. Henceforth, all suspension issues were solved. The springs are good not just for city driving, but also at high speed manners. Now, with the steering gaining some weight at high speeds and the better suspensions, the vertical movement of the car has considerably gone down.

The Diesel variant has attracted more attention in India because of its fuel economy – as a result the response in India was overwhelming and Hyundai could not handle all the orders. There are delays expected with 2–3-month waits in most locations and up to 5-month waits in others.

HMIL has launched the Verna with four engine options – 1.4 VTVT Petrol – 107 bhp, 135 Nm torque, 5-Speed manual, 12 kmpl under city conditions; 1.6 VTVT Petrol – 123 bhp, 160 Nm torque, 5-Speed manual/4-Speed Automatic, 10 kmpl / 8 kmpl; 1.4 CRDi Diesel – 90 bhp, 224 Nm torque, 6-Speed manual, 17 kmpl; 1.6 CRDi Diesel – 126 bhp, 260 Nm torque, 6-Speed manual/4-Speed Automatic, 14 kmpl / 12 kmpl.

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