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The Suzuki Grand Vitara is a SUV of Suzuki . The available on the European market current model was produced in Japan in the “Iwata Plant” from Suzuki.

The Grand Vitara dissolved in March 1998, the predecessor Suzuki Vitara off. From that since 1990 there was already a version with a longer wheelbase and five doors. Now the short versions were called the Grand Vitara.

In addition to the closed versions, the model was also available with a soft top. The vehicle has a switchable four-wheel drive .

The top model was from September 2001 the Grand Vitara XL-7 . It differed by its longer wheelbase and a V6 fullaluminum -Motor, which was available for this model only. At the same time the other variants of a facelift were subjected. The XL-7 itself was revised in April of 2003.

In September 2005, an all new second generation Vitara appeared with permanent all-wheel drive . A lock the center differential and low range ratio are electronically activated via a rotary switch.

The New Grand Vitara has a torsionally rigid passenger cell with an integrated lead frame. The rigid rear axle of the predecessor has been replaced by independent suspensions, for more comfort / smoothness on the road. it is an SUV closer than an SUV and well equipped for use in mild to moderate terrain through its wheelbase and its ground clearance and the technical equipment.

Among other things, there is similar to the Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 the predecessor series, a new Comfort Plus features. This body design is no longer different from the in the other model versions. Besides numerous other extras this Comfort-Plus equipment includes a leather interior, Xenon headlights and a sunroof and root imitation wood for the dashboard (available exclusively for this equipment variant).

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