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Why Tyres Shoppe ?


Tyres are one of the most crucial parts of the modern-day vehicle. Truly saying, it is the tyre on which the wheels of every economy are running. In India, the functioning and durability of the tyres help the vehicles to run on the Indian version of roads. So, to deal with tyres you always need an expert. 

If you are looking for a tyre shop in Noida or places around Noida to purchase tyre with the best tyre price, Tyre Shoppe is your one-stop solution. Tyre Shoppe is the largest multi-brand tyre showroom with the best tyre price in Noida. Here, you can get new car tyres from a plethora of tyre models.

In India, cars are just not a luxury but also an emotion that connects the feelings of the whole family. And to make this connection of love last longer, the base of the building needs to be stronger. Tyre Shoppe swears to provide a high-quality, reliable, and smart tyre shop with the best shopping experience for customers.


Tyre shoppe is one of the most renowned tyre shops in Noida. It has been working since 1999 and is the largest multi-brand tyre showroom in Noida. Located in B-54, Sector-5 Near Water Tank, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, it provides services to people in Delhi as well as the NCR area.


Tyre Shoppe spreads around 2000 sqft of Showroom area and 4000 sqft of workshop area. During the span of more than 20 years, Tyre Shoppe under Tyre Shoppe Pvt Ltd. has toiled to bring all the facilities and technologies under one roof. As a result, it has emerged as a key player in the tyre business amongst a large number of tyre shops in Noida and nearby places.


They have also received various accomplishments as the best tyre dealers in Noida. 

Products displayed in the showroom are in such a manner that it makes it easier for the buyer to easily locate tyres of their choice. They can also mark the difference between all tyre patterns and their specialities.


Though placed at the bottom, a tyre is the most important part of the vehicle. It is the Tyre that makes your vehicle run on the road. As you take the time to buy a car, take equal time to select your tyre. Tyre shoppe helps you with the selection of the best tyre for your car. Here are some of the roles that tyres play:


  • They are the contact point of the car with the road 
  • The brakes stop the wheel, not the car. Instead, it is the tyres that stop the car. 
  • Good tyres will give you a comfortable and safe drive 
  • They also absorb the friction and stress provided by the roads
  • If you are riding with a poor tyre your chances of skidding increase thus increasing the chances of accidents.
  • A poor tyre will also increase your fuel consumption and emission of carbon dioxide.
  • Both over and under-inflated tyres will increase the risk of accidents


In short,  selection of the best tyre is an important step to ensure the smooth and safe run of your wheels in the highways as well as on the traditional Indian Roads. 


You will find many tyre shops that will provide you with tyre related services and may be at a lower cost also. But when one has to deal with the safety of family, no one would like to take any risks. The Tyre Shoppe provides you with the most optimized solution and meets all your tyre-related queries.

  1. Tyre experts: Buying a new tyre or tyre maintenance is a tough job as most of the people are not aware of how to choose the best tyre for the vehicle. Being the most important part of the vehicle, tyres need to be dealt with great precision and only a trained professional can do that. At Tyre Shoppe, you will deal with trained tyre experts and professionals so that you can have that perfect and smooth ride all the time. 


Every time you avail of any tyre-related service the team will maintain a record on the database so that any problem or query can be resolved just on a telephone call. The technical staff is also an expert in computerized wheel balancing which ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. It also reduces tyre and treadwear and helps preserve your vehicle’s suspension.


  1. Advanced technology: Treating your tyres to an annual wheel and tyre balancing check-up will first and foremost increase the life of your tyres. Tyre Shoppe is equipped with all the advanced technology and machinery required in the Tyre replacement industry. Also, they continuously keep up with new advancements in tyre technology and cope up to bring them to customers’ feet. They have the following Tyre maintenance services:


  • 3D Wheel Alignment: The complete process of alignment is fully automatic. It fixes steering problems and uneven tyre wear. The fully automatic alignment technology helps to impart a long life to tyres and in return minimize the rear and tear of the vehicle also. It also enhances the safety of the driver and the performance of the vehicle.


  • Automatic Tyre Changer: This facility will save time and energy for the customer as well as a technician. It will also do the job with much more efficiency and accuracy.


  • Nitrogen Air Filling: Better tyre life provides better mileage and adds life to the car. One can also find this facility in Tyre Shoppe. Nitrogen Air filling helps to inflate vehicle tyres of racing cars, heavy vehicles, and also for normal passenger vehicles. Nitrogen, as compared to oxygen, doesn’t leak easily that ensures better life and performance of the car. It helps to increase the life of tyres, reduce the tyre’s running temperature, and increase the quality of the ride. It is also useful for everyday car driving.


  • Tyre Rotation: Tyres of different vehicles rotate at a different speed. To increase the life of tyres it is important to rotate them regularly. Swapping the rear tyres to the front and vice-versa make it sure that tyres wear evenly thus longevity of tyres is increased significantly. 
  •  Also, you can easily get the facility for superbike wheel balancing.


  1. Authorized dealership: Driving in cities like Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad with varying conditions of roads, one needs to keep an eye on the health of tyres. It is always better to regularly check the tread depth of your tyres and replace the tyres with the original and branded car tyres. 

Tyre Shoppe can help you find a complete range of best tubeless and tube tyres for cars, bikes, scooters. You can find the genuine collection of best tyres at the best affordable price for your Family Car, SUV, Luxury Sedan, Luxury SUV, Super Bike, and Two Wheelers.


They have the dealership of almost all the top Tyre brands including Bridgestone car tyres, Michelin car tyres, Goodyear, Pirelli, Continental, Yokohama, Apollo, Ceat, Hankook, Falken, and Kumho.


If you are looking for  two-wheeler bike there are a variety of tyres available:


  • Tyre for bullet: There are around 32 types of models available for tyre for Bullets from renowned brands like MRF, Michelin, Apollo, and more in the various price range.


  • Tyre for Harley: Tyre shoppe is the best place to get Tyre for Harley Davidson. You can find a plethora of models for your favourite bike from renowned brands like MRF, Apollo, Michelin, CEAT, and more.


  • Tyre for Royal Enfield: you can find Tyres for royal Enfield of all models in the affordable price range.


  1. Tyre upsizing: Many buyers find it very exciting to upgrade tyres of new joy and pride. The reason being, big, well-designed glinting wheels can enhance the looks and appeal of your tyres like no other accessories. Obviously, it adds visual pizzazz to your vehicle. But at the same time, it can also cause potential harm to your favourite vehicle. 

To have a perfect upsizing Tyre shoppe will provide you with the best facilities.



  1. Best Service Program: Tyre Shoppe provides you with the best service programs. They make sure that the customer gets the maximum out of his investment. They have expert maintenance and check the system to maximize the life of tyres. Customers need not worry about the servicing part as the experts will call and inform you about the due date of maintenance.   


On routine basis Tyre Shoppe provides you following services:


  • Regular check-up of tyre pressure      
  • Check of tyre depth       
  • Tyre rotation
  • 3D alignment and balancing
  • Suggesting customers about what tyre they should buy depending on their pocket, vehicle type, and driving behaviour.


  1. Customer satisfaction: It is not every day or month that one buys a tyre. The best purchase in case of tyres should be done especially when it is related to your and family’s safety. Tyre Shoppe has the top priority of customer satisfaction. The team strives hard to meet the needs of the customer. To make it happen online facilities and other facilities like home delivery of tyres and tyre at-home services are available.


  1. Customer safety: Tyres provide maximum safety to the driver and persons sitting in the vehicle. It is a rubber which is in contact with the roads. The contact angle between the tyres and the road is very small. The selection of a bad tyre may cause skidding of the tyres leading to harsh consequences. Thus the selection of the best tyres is a must. Tyre shoppe will help you to purchase tyres of the best quality.


  1. The solution to all your tyre-related problems: It is the tyres of the vehicle over which the economy of the whole country runs.


Especially in the case of the fleet, the biggest worry of the transporter is “What if the fleet stops in the middle?” Since it is the tyre that is in contact with the roads. They are the ones to absorb shocks, the friction of the Indian roads including smooth highways and roads full of potholes also. So when it is the tyre that needs utmost care, its maintenance should not be overlooked.


To minimize such worries you need to get regular maintenance of the tyre. At Tyre Shoppe you can find the best quality tyres for fleece as well as transport vehicles so you can have a flawless and smooth ride. 


  1. COVID 19 measures: Owing to the widespread of COVID19 pandemic we also provide tyre at-home services. All the delivery agents and experts follow high precaution measures and maintain safe social distancing with customers. Facilities like regular sanitization, disinfection of cars, and all types of required machinery are always there to ensure the safety of customers as well as staff.


Regular screening of staff members for a temperature check, sugar, BP, and oxygen level is done.


Tyre Shoppe is dedicated to provide you with errorless delivery and ensure that distinguished and world-class services are available 24/7for tyre buyers.


You can visit our website at https://www.tyresshoppe.com for more details.


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