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Tyres Shoppe

Who We Are

Driving Noida Forward:25 Years of Tyre Excellence

At Tyres Shoppe, we’re not just about tyres; we’re about propelling life’s journeys. Founded 25 years ago in Noida by Mr. Sunil Jain, a visionary entrepreneur and skilled industrialist, we’ve grown to become a cornerstone in the community for all tyre-related needs.

Our Story: A Legacy of Innovation and Expertise

It all started with a dream. Mr. Jain, with his keen industrial acumen, established one of Noida’s largest tyre retail facilities. Our journey is a tale of passion, innovation, and dedication to excellence in tyre retail. As a family-owned business, now led by Mr. Jain’s sons, Mohit and Rohit, we’ve elevated Tyres Shoppe to new heights. Mohit’s technical expertise as a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical and Automobile, combined with Rohit’s business savvy from his Bachelor of Business Administration, has propelled us into the top 10 tyre dealers in India.

How We Serve You

At Tyres Shoppe, it’s not just about selling tyres; it’s about ensuring your safety and enhancing your driving experience. We’ve changed over 1.50 lakh tyres, offering services like wheel alignment, balancing, and nitrogen filling. Our expansion into premium services like car detailing, general servicing, and car accessories is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive car care solutions. Every service we offer is designed with you in mind, ensuring reliability, safety, and the ultimate driving pleasure.


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