Choose Tyres Shoppe: The Best Tyre Shop In Noida, India.

Started in 1999 by Mr. Sunil Jain, Tyres Shoppe is committed to giving the most contemporary innovation in tyre. We are fully appreciative of the crucial role played by the tyre industry in the rapid industrialisation and commercialisation of the economy. Inspired by this, we always have our fingers on the pulse of the activities and provide you with the latest and best hardware in the market. Our aim is to keep up with the trending demands of our customers and at being the best tyre shop in Noida. This is why we provide the latest updated technology in tyre manufacture.


Tyres Shoppe offers an effective digital platform for all our service solutions, with technological prowess that meets the rising demand for web based operational needs of this era. Keeping pace with technological advancements allows us to evolve a strategic data collection process. We aspire to keep pace and transform our service landscape with data-driven management decisions.

12 Reasons Why You MUST HAVE US On Your Speed Dial!

  • An effective online presence; you can book your service ahead to save time.
  • Home delivery of tyres at your doorstep…Time is Money and we value your time.
  • One-stop shop for all your tyre requirements ( Two wheelers and Four wheelers)
  • Branded car tyres starting from the price range of Rs.1800.
  • Two wheeler tyres starting at Rs.900.
  • Authorised dealership of Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Continental, Yokohama, Apollo, Ceat, Hankook, Falken, Kumho


  • Services offered include :

# Wheel Alignment, balancing and, rotation; starting at Rs.500

#3D Wheel Alignment

#Computerised wheel balancing

#Automatic Tyre Changer

#Nitrogen Air Filling

#Superbike Wheel Balancing


  • We also offer accessories like car batteries, portable air pump, TPMS sensors, etc.
  • We service industrial tyre needs such as fleets in industrial usage.
  • All terrain tyres for superbikes.
  • Premium tyre brands are always kept in stock, year-round, for outright purchase.
  • We carry tubeless tyres, jeep tyres, sports car tyres, SUV tyres, rubber tyres, and two wheeler tyres.

Tyres Shoppe carries brands from the international market. We hold authorised dealerships in Michelin tyre in Noida. We also carry a good collection in Goodyear tyre, Pirelli, Continental, Yokohama, Apollo, Ceat, Hankook, Falken and Kumho. We hold a vast variety of Bridgestone tyres in Noida. We are also a Yokohama tyre dealer.

We aspire to bring into the Indian market innovative technology for the discerning clientele: 

  • Smartyre technology with sensors
  • Biased tyre for heavy vehicle usage. 


In the spirit of nationalisation, we deal with Made in India tyres of Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Yokohama, etc.

Just Open, Book, and Relax

In today’s hectic world, we understand your busy schedules and headaches, the hassle of fighting traffic to get your tyres serviced. At Tyres Shoppe, we provide an effective online presence so that you can schedule your service appointments ahead of time, at your convenience. Our contemporary, user-friendly website now allows you to get your tyres changed, at just a finger’s touch away. Just Open, Book, and Relax as we send in our experts to deal with any of your tyre related troubles such as tyre punctures, tyre misalignment, tyre rotation, new tyre change or balancing issues that may be required.

A Little About Our Founder

Mr. Sunil Jain’s illustrious career found its beginnings in the Rubber industry. He founded the Super India Rubber Works company and pioneered many different kinds of industrial rubber products over a period of 20 years..


In 1999, Mr.Sunil Jain expanded his expertise, knowledge, and entrepreneurial abilities into retail tyre dealership. He started his first tyre shop in Noida, Tyres Shoppe as the first multi brand tyre store in Noida. Today, it stands out as the largest multi brand speciality showroom for tyres in Noida. It also holds the claim of being the oldest name in tyre dealerships in Noida and India. 


 In 2010, Mr.Sunil Jain was ably joined by his sons, Mr. Mohit Jain and Mr. Rohit Jain in the expansion and innovation of Tyres Shoppe. Under the joint entrepreneurial anchorship of this dynamic family unit, Tyre Shoppe at present functions as the largest branded tyre dealership in Noida.


With a fully trained and functional staff to keep pace with the requirements of the customers, Tyre Shoppe is focused on offering consistently excellent customer service and technological support for the upcoming new generation breed of cars and bikes. It is the best tyre shop to go to in Noida for any of your branded tyre requirements. We maintain a constant stock of Bridgestone tyres in Noida as well as a wide range of Michelin tyres in Noida, amongst others to ensure year round availability to customers. 


We place our two decade long expertise and experience at your service. We provide consultation on the suitability of tyres for different customer requirements and usage. Technological changes over the past two decades has brought about much change in the auto industry. Tyres Shoppe is proud of its commitment in keeping pace with ongoing technological revolution and in providing customers state-of-the-art quality service and maintenance packages. In 2010, we brought in the revolutionary radial tyres to India. With the introduction of the Mandatory Tyre Pressure Monitoring System in 2000, Tyres Shoppe was the first to bring it to the market. TPM system aids in reporting real-time tyre pressure information to the driver. It aids in monitoring air pressure of the tyres. Consistently pioneering in the retail tyre landscape, we lay claim to introducing the “tyre that Never tire”, radial tyre segment in 2010. With the new generation of cars being fitted with radial tyres,Tyres Shoppe was well equipped to offer replacement and maintenance support.


Our vast collection of data gathered over a period of two decades, allows us to build a strong knowledge base that enables us to effectively predict the expected life of a tyre, the performance probability, the quantity of wear & tear, and correction parameters. This enables us to foresee and deploy individual service to our customers for their tyre maintenance, inflation requirements, repairs and tyre change. With strong teamwork, we command a loyal client-base of return customers with whom we build a relationship of comfort and trust, for life.


For the sustainable and profitable growth of any organisation, manufacturing or service-based, various factors contribute to influence it. These include the business environment, the aptitude of the employees, flexibility of the management, and the quality of the product and service that is offered. In our organisational journey, we at Tyres Shoppe have adopted creative and vigilant ways of adopting current products and services as well as developing new ones in pursuing our growth strategies and goals. However, irrespective of any organisational or management challenges that we have faced over the years, our commitment to quality has never been compromised. Our customer familiarity, sensitivity to their requirements and sales force capabilities are niche spaces we choose to carve for our growth. Our competitive pricing and attractive customer loyalty campaigns and schemes are coached to provide the best value for your money. As always, we are open and sensitive to customer feedback and reviews.


Our service extends to car batteries service, portable air pumps, amongst others. This includes wheel balancing, wheel alignment, puncture and tyre rotation. The same is available for sale as well.

Our Know-How

Maintaining the ideal tyre pressure and wheel balancing increases tyre life and comfort of the 

ride. Our blog has updated expert information on tyre maintenance and tyre health.


Cold Tyre Pressure refers to the tyre pressure before the car is started and the tyre is warmed. Recommended cold inflation pressure is found on the owner’s manual and on the placard. The suggested best time for filling up the tyres will be first thing in the morning or after the car has been sitting in the shade for a couple of hours. Inflating tyres to maximum PSI, risks braking threshold and increases wear and tear of tyres.


Run Flat Tyres are highly abrasive and tear resistant, designed to protect the passenger incase of a puncture whilst moving. Heavily reinforced sidewalls of the tyres enables the vehicle to drive a short distance even after a puncture .


GoodYear tyres, the world leading suppliers of tyres, provide tyres for agricultural vehicles, commercial, and industrial heavy transportation as well. Goodyear tyres, with its tough sidewall, thicker gauge, and robust compound is found to provide greater resistance to cuts and punctures, unfortunately a frequent occurrence on the Indian roads.


Ideally, it is not advisable to mix different tyre brands and different tread patterns unless there is an approved mixed-tyre fitting specification. If mixing tyres becomes a necessity due to non availability or budget constraints, fitting a pair of tyres with the same tread patterns and brand across the same axle is an essential requirement that demands knowledge and expertise of your tyre consultant. 


In most countries it is a legal requirement that tyres conform to specifications regarding size, load index and speed rating tagged by the manufacturer. Driving a car with mismatched size, construction, load index, and speed rating can pose a safety threat to oneself as well as others on the road.


Some vehicles arrive factory fitted with different sized tyres on the rear and front axles.These tyre mixtures are car specific and require careful consideration and care while replacing them. Our expert staff are equipped and educated to follow manufacturer recommendations in guiding you and servicing your vehicles.


Rotating tyres is a proven way to maximise tyre life. Based on speed and, tyre wear & tear, this can be done more or less frequently. However, rotated tyres are known to affect the TPMS that is installed in the car.


Placing your trust on Tire Shoppe will ensure proper educated guidance and prompt customer support which will effectively resolve many of the nitty gritties of tyre maintenance. Our timely advice may save you money in the long run and insure the safety of your vehicle and comfort of your passengers.


We are sensitive to the environmental concerns regarding tyre disposal and wastes that are a growing threat in the current scenario of pollution crisis. Industrial and commercial wastes contribute significantly to land and water pollutants as well as being a major contributing factor in health problems in today’s world.They are non biodegradable and un-aesthetic to view. Incineration in particular, emits toxic pollutants into the atmosphere. Proper disposal of tyre wastes is a major global environmental concern and challenge.


Pyrolysis is the process of decomposition of scrap tyres to get tyre-derived fuel, synthetic gas and char. These are further consumed by manufacturing units like cement kilns, paper mills, and power plants. At present, pyrolysis is the most green, economically viable way devised for tyre disposal.


We are conscientious about the environmental hazard of tyre waste disposal and take serious precautionary measures in ensuring proper waste removal through recycling and eco friendly waste disposal.

Our Consumer Service

We supply quality branded tyres at an economical price range. Tyre Shoppe is acknowledged as the best tyre dealer of branded tyres like Michelin tyre in Noida. Surveys suggest that there are definite benefits to coming to a multi branded store like Tyre Shoppe.The expertise and knowledge in fitting the right tyres for the customer needs, has helped prevent accidents from occurring. For instance, critical information like mixing tyres on your vehicle  increases the risk of blowout accident.Therefore, going to an unprofessional tyre shop places you and your family at risk and expense. Further, purchasing tyres via online platforms can also make you vulnerable to several risks.


We help you avoid any such hassles through our single intelligent consumer information network that helps us in providing the best service in terms of speed, technology and clarity,at competitive prices. Through our user friendly  social media websites, we give easy access to us. You can now fix appointments and delivery dates through our online bookings. We  provide home delivery service for tyres and other accessories as well..


Driving in today’s world is challenging .Global trends and urbanisation has ushered in carpooling , increased travel by road, more mileage etc., that leads to increased pressure on tyres. These aspects highlight the indispensable need and urgent requirement for competent tyre maintenance support. Good tyre maintenance provides better mileage.