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Metzeler has produced bike tyres beginning around 1892 and our set of experiences remains closely connected with the historical backdrop of the cruiser. From the utilization of new materials and the improvement of imaginative track plans, to the presentation of cutting edge elastic mixtures, the German brand is consistently at the front line of specialized advancement.

Metzeler Tyres

Metzeler offer a wide scope of street bike tyres to suit different riding styles, weather patterns and street surfaces. In our list, you can observe street tyres for both street and rough terrain use, tyres for a wide range of cruiser and riding experience, offering expanded mileage, further developed riding solace, upgraded execution and greatest wellbeing.

Here is a rundown of all tyres designs accessible in our brand. We have 18 examples accessible for Two-Wheeler tyres. The cost of tyres accessible reaches from Rs. 2,024 to Rs. 30,725.

Metzeler Tyre Price

  1. Metzeler Karoo 3 Tyres = 11,370 – 14480
  2. Metzeler Karoo Street Tyres = 14490 – 18456
  3. Metzeler Lasertec Tyres = 5110 – 8413
  4. Metzeler M5 Tyres = 6890 – 20660
  5. Metzeler M7 Tyres = 12270 – 22500
  6. Metzeler ME 22 Tyres = 1700 – 2624
  7. Metzeler ME 880 Tyres = 10930 – 27648
  8. Metzeler ME 888 Tyres = 21340 – 25450
  9. Metzeler ME SPEED Tyres = 2808 – 4860
  10. Metzeler ME STREET Tyres = 2600 – 2999
  11. Metzeler Racetec RR K2 Tyres = 19330 – 32000
  12. Metzeler Racetec RR K2 NHS Tyres = 18965 – 28540
  13. Metzeler Racetec RR K3 Tyres = 15160 – 25337
  14. Metzeler Roadtec 01 Tyres = 15370 – 21080
  15. Metzeler Sportec Street Tyres = 3680 – 5700
  16. Metzeler Tourance Tyres = 12080 – 15060
  17. Metzeler Tourance Next Tyres = 11110 – 22160
  18. Metzeler Z8 Tyres = 12668 – 22010

Metzeler Bike Tyres
Metzeler is one of the most regarded German cruiser tyre producing organizations. Established in the year 1863, Metzeler has practical experience in making tires for the bike fragment. At first, the organization delivered a wide scope of elastic and plastic items. In 1890, it extended its tasks into the aeronautics business and later following two years, Metzeler forayed into the auto business.

The presumed tyres monster likewise has a distinguished record in street hustling and has come out on top for some championships and titles all over the planet. Beginning around 1979, the organization altogether centred around the development of cruiser tyres and was at last procured by Pirelli Tire S.p.A. during 1986.

Metzeler Tyres India

As of now, Metzeler is settled at Milan, Italy and supplies its items globally across 52 nations including India. Metzeler uses top of the line advancements to make the best quality tyres that satisfy the developing needs of motorcyclists. In India, we gives superior execution tubeless and cylinder, radials, rough terrain type of tyres for the bike fragments, which incorporate bikes, sports bicycles, professional bicycles, rough terrain bicycles and so on.

Metzeler Tyre Dealer in Noida

The best quality exhibition tyres from Metzeler are presently accessible for buy at Tyres Shoppe. The famous tyres provider in NCR. Tyres Tyres Shoppe furnishes Metzeler tyres with the most aggressive cost. We offer a wide scope of tyres to browse under the Metzeler bike tyres range. Each tire on the entry accompanies data that incorporates development tire, edge size, load record, guarantee and so on.

For better get, you can think about tyres from Metzeler as well as other driving tyres brands accessible at Tyres Shoppe. Shopping Metzeler tyres online with us is a problem free encounter as you can pay securely for your buy through a got instalment door. Additionally, you can likewise get the picked tyre introduced at your closest fitment area, or can demand for doorstep conveyance of the favoured tyre.


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