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Continental Tyre

Do you have a particular inquiry concerning the tyres on your vehicle? For instance, you need to know why you shouldn’t drive with low tyre tension or how to peruse the tyre size? Or then again maybe you’re hoping to hopefully look for some way to improve on your overall information? One way or the other, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here you can figure out about tyres.

This is the Tyres Shoppe tyres information page where we share with you our recommendation and proposals for purchasing tyres, tyres care and upkeep, tyres changing and fitting, and considerably more.

Driving is as much an obligation as it is a pleasurable movement. We trust that by plainly framing the prescribed procedures and most significant focuses concerning your tyres, you will be enabled to drive more astute and drive more secure. Could it be said that you are as inquisitive and as entranced by tyres as we are? Here is where you’ll get familiar with the fundamental realities about tyres and tyre innovation.

For a long time continental has been building tyres: little ones, flimsy ones, major ones, quick ones. They award individuals trust, unwavering quality and security. This permits you to zero in on the significant things in your day to day existence – like being a parent, investing quality energy with your companions and friends and family.

We are dependable
…by doing all that we can step by step. That is the reason Continental has forever been about individuals who make tyres roll. All of us assumes on the liability to convey the best and most secure items.

We are taking a stab at greatness
That is tied in with seeking after advancement, making something remarkable as per the most requesting norms of all: our own.

We are enthusiastic
For us tyres are not just dark and round elastic. They are vast conceivable outcomes. We’re fixated on every single detail, each decision of material, each development that will have a major effect.

We are making progress toward security
Security is in excess of a word. It’s our central goal. Consistently we give our very best for make our items safer, so you can take the protected course to any place you are going.

We help your certainty
With us you can feel certain. We give you conviction, so you can go any place life might take you – intending yourself up for each test route. Since we deal with you. So you can have confidence and focus on what makes the biggest difference.

We promise you quality
Our tyres circle the world many times, consistently, before they’re sufficient for day to day existence. With our tyres we give security, certainty and consolation. Our tyres are German designed and tried. We are going past tyres and help to shape what’s to come.

View refreshed costs of Continental tyres in India. The Price List incorporates a sum of 11 Continental tyres for internet shopping. Track down least costs in India} alongside item particulars, key highlights, pictures, appraisals and more. Well known items in this classification are ContiComfortContact 5 4 Wheeler Tyre(145/80R13, Tube Less), 3.00-17 Conti Moto Tube tyre, ContiComfortContact 5 (Set of 2) 4 Wheeler tyre, ContiMaxContact 5 4 Wheeler Tyre(205/55R15, Tube Less), 3.00-17 Conti Metro Polis Tube tyre. Least costs are gotten from all major web-based stores like at a simple cost correlation.

Continental Tyres Price list in India (June 2022)

The cost of Continental tyres fluctuate when we discuss every one of the items being presented on the lookout. The most costly item is Continental ContiComfortContact 5 (Set of 2) 4 Wheeler tyre estimated at Rs. 12,500. In spite of this, the least estimated item is Continental 3.00-17 Conti Metro Polis Tube tyre accessible at Rs.1,249. This variety in costs provides online customers with a scope of reasonable to premium items to browse.

Look at the well known cost records: .

  • Mainland ContiComfortContact 5 4 Wheeler Tyre(155/80R13, Tube Less)
  • Mainland 90/90-18 Toofani-2 Tube Less Tire
  • Mainland ContiMaxContact 5 4 Wheeler Tyre(195/55R15, Tube Less)
  • Mainland ContiMaxContact 5 4 Wheeler Tire
  • Mainland ContiComfortContact 5 4 Wheeler Tyre(175/70R14, Tube Less)
  • Mainland ContiMaxContact 5 4 Wheeler Tyre(195/65R15, Tube Less)
  • Mainland 140/70-17 Conti Go Tube Less Tire

About Continental

Beginning and Expansion

Continental Tyre Price

Mainland AG or generally normally known as Continental, is a Hanover, Germany based worldwide auto organization that works in tyres, inside gadgets, frame, powertrain, stopping mechanisms and other car parts. Continental is right now the fourth biggest tyre maker on the planet and is continually putting forth attempts to extend its arrive at across the globe.

It was laid out in 1871 as an elastic producer, and in 1898 it began creating vehicle tyres. They produces tyres for practically all vehicles including, modern, cruisers and vehicles across the globe. It was the primary producer to foster an auto tyre with a designed track.

In India, the organization began its excursion in 2011 by laying out its creation unit in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. A similar assembling plant produces both outspread and predisposition tires for traveller vehicles and business vehicles. It is one of a handful of the organizations which delivers its own cylinders and folds for business vehicle tyres.

The organization has been effective in delivering and selling predisposition and outspread tyres for business vehicles, having a massive effect in the country. Furthermore, with its top notch innovation, along with the sheer comprehension of the Indian street conditions and client necessities, Continental has made key associations with OEMs and fortify its presence in the reseller’s exchange.

The progress of the organization is driven by its obligation to offer quality tyres that are exclusively worked to suit the market needs, and its German heritage has assisted it with releasing the required mastery and examination information to create arrangement explicit tyres.

The tyremaker’s prosperity mantra in India is its top notch item range and astounding aftersales services. The organization solidified its situation in many centre areas of business truck tyres including, mining, development, merchandise, and so on in the year 2014-15.

Notwithstanding the moving advances of today like robotized and independent driving, savvy infotainment and comprehensive availability, Continental is a lot of zeroed in on a few key patterns like digitalization, supportability, effectiveness, and cost-saving, that are moulding the auto area as much as street wellbeing, and solace and comfort during the ride.

It is dealing with mechanized driving advances, for example, sensor advances and superior execution PC frameworks, parts expected in human-machine exchange and Cluster knowledge, a strong backend that permits profoundly and completely computerized vehicles to see around corners.

The organization is continually dealing with working on electric versatility to foster a maintainable vehicle framework. It is likewise creating Advanced Driver Assistance frameworks for expanded security and supporting the makers overall in furnishing them with shrewd transportation frameworks, alongside canny environment control frameworks or separately environment controlled vehicle seats.

Aside from this, Continental is the establishing accomplice of another race series called the Extreme E series for 2019 and 2020.


  • Won 2021 Supplier of the Year Award for Construction Machinery Products in China
  • Champ of the Materialica Award 2020 for Modular Coupling System for warm administration in vehicles.
  • Stowed Zinnov Confluence grants in particular; Unlocking Center Value and Building a Culture of Intrapreneurial Leadership for its Technical Center India (TCI)
  • Chinese arm got the 2020 China Best Employer Award.
  • Best Practice Award for creative ergonomics and socioeconomics program from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)
  • German Digital Transformer Award 2018
  • US wing was guaranteed as “A Great Place to Work” by the Global Authority of Workplace Culture.
  • Gets Three CES 2021 Innovation Honoree Awards
  • The Virtual A-Pillar arm Honored in First Automotive News PACEpilot Award Program.
  • Mainland Tires is recognized as the 2019 Supplier of the Year Winner by General Motors.
  • Procures FCA Supplier of the Year Award 2020 for Leading Innovation

Car Tyres

The car tyre scope of the Continental brand in India comprises of vehicles, SUVs and CUVs and vans. The huge item range contains tyres in the mid year class made for execution and custom explicitly for the Indian street conditions. Continental furnish first class tyres with prevalent toughness and unbeaten execution.

Some of exceptional items in its traveller vehicle portfolio incorporate ContiMaxContact MC5, Conti4x4SportContact, ContiCrossContact LX 2, ContiPremiumContact 5 SUV and ContiSportContact 5 and ContiEcoContact 5 SUV among others.

Bike and Scooter Tyre

The German tyre producer has a tremendous scope of tyres for the bike classification. These tyres are delivered for execution situated people as well as great for the city suburbanites. A portion of the eminent names in the cruiser and bike classification incorporate ContiTrailAttack 3, ContiScoot, ContiRoadAttack 3, TKC 70 and ContiEscape, among others.

Truck Tyres

Continental has had the option to have a tremendous effect in the business tyres area of India in a brief period. The organization fabricates truck tyres that are unrivalled regarding strength and proposition heavenly dependability, and the reach stretches out from the motorway to on/rough terrain and local classifications.

A portion of the conspicuous names in the truck class incorporate Hybrid CHD2, HDR 2, HDX2, HSX2, Conti L, Conti ML, Conti R, Loadpower NW and Loadpower 3B, among others.

Manufacturing in India and abroad

The tyre fabricating goliath has partitioned its business into areas of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North, Central and South America, and the Asia Pacific locale, with 13 assembling units as of now creating tires in 12 nations. In India, the organization has an assembling unit situated in the Modipuram locale of the Meerut region of Uttar Pradesh.

It likewise has a specialized focus in India that upholds the organization’s worldwide R&D exercises. The plant has a business tyre creation limit of more than 1 million for each annum while the producer is dealing with growing the reach for 20′ and 22.5′ tyres and increment the ability to take care of the homegrown and trade markets.

Mainland Sales Network

The tyre producer has areas of strength for an in India and is consistently dealing with its development. Right now, it has in excess of 1400 outlets and deals and client assistance groups arranged in north of 70 urban communities the nation over.